Australia to Hold Inaugural Parasailing World Championship

Parasailing is a very popular kiting activity throughout the world. Lots of people used to go parasailing during their recreational holidays. It is also known as para-kiting since the Sailors are towed behind a water vehicle with a canopy wing that has been specially designed and resembles a parachute. People call this device a parasail wing. In most cases parasailing is done on water bodies as there you will find almost no guards to stop you. The towing vehicle or the anchor maybe a boat, sailing on the water, or even a historyglow.

The harness keeps the parasailor attached to the towing vehicle through a tow rope. In 2022 the first parasailing World Championship is going to be held from 5th to 12th November 2023 at the Gold Coast Australia. This will be the very first competition of its kind. This world-class event is going to be starred by some of the best para sailors of the world like Matthew Belcher who is the winner of Olympic medals three times. He was named the male sailor of the Year 2022 in Australia. In this competition, he will be the brand ambassador of the parasailing World Championship, as well as a travel ambassador for Corfu in Greece.

According to him, this is the first official role he has been offered and he is very much honored with this. World sailing being the governing body of all kinds of sailing competitions in the world has sanctioned this Championship. It will also be supported by Virtus which is the International Federation for athletes with intellectual impairments. They have formed a joint hand in 2020 so that they can work together to enhance the sustainable future of the sailors having an intellectual impairment overallnetworth.

Mr. Quanhai Li, who is the president of the international body of sailing named World Sailing has announced with pleasure that the Southport yacht club is going to host the event at the Queensland Gold Coast in November 2023. He stated that on behalf of world sailing, he is extending an invitation to the world-class sailors to take part in it so that the whole arrangement can glitter and extract the eyes of the techybio.

The inaugural Championship is going to be a part of the water Ocean Asian Games 2022 so that the participant can take part in the multisport major events throughout the world. Mr. Quanhai expressed his sincere thanks to the organizers of, Water and Ocean Asia games for the arrangement of this world-class sailing interbiography.

President of Virtus Mr. Marc Truffaut also expressed his happiness and gave the welcome message to world sailing as both of them have collaborated to grow new opportunities for sailors and elite athletes. According to him, both these organizations will work towards the growth of sailing in athletics for intellectually impaired people and to offer high-level competition opportunities that will make a huge impact around the world. He is also very happy building a strategic partnership with the International Federation of Sports that will help them to broaden the area of mhtspace.

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