Cameron Diaz’s Most Iconic Movie Costumes

  1. The Mask (1994): Cameron Diaz’s portrayal of the eccentric and sexy lounge singer, Tina Carlyle, in The Mask (1994) is iconic. Her sultry red dress with matching gloves and a feathered headdress, combined with her bright red lipstick trendwait and a plunging neckline, made this costume one of her most memorable movie looks.
    2. Charlie’s Angels (2000): Diaz’s Natalie Cook in Charlie’s Angels (2000) was a total style icon. Her signature leather jumpsuit with the signature ‘70s aviator sunglasses and a matching leather jacket was a combination that defined the edgy, cool girl look.
    3. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003): Diaz’s role as Natalie Cook in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003) saw her donning a chic, yet edgy ensemble. Her all-black ensemble of a slim-fit pantsuit, a plunging neckline top and high heel boots made magazinehut this costume one of Diaz’s most iconic looks.
    4. The Holiday (2006): Diaz’s character Amanda in The Holiday (2006) was a total fashionista. Her classic and feminine wardrobe of draped dresses, tailored pants and coats, and statement accessories made her look stand out among the rest. Her combination of a white fur coat and a chic pink dress was a style that Diaz channeled perfectly.
    5. Knight and Day (2010): Diaz’s role as June Havens in Knight and Day (2010) saw her donning a variety of clothes to fit the action-packed movie. Her costume of a white T-shirt, black leather pants and a black leather jacket was a classic and edgy combination, which magazinehut made her look stand out among the rest.

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