Chickens Hit by Wind Paralyzed Legs Effective Remedy

Chicken was hit by the wind and paralyzed legs is no one’s own worry andTo be problems cause many monklist headache. In particular, it makes the fighting ability of the fighting cock significantly reduced. Understanding this, today the house will provide expert knowledge to help you solve the problem.

ReasoncauseChicken was hit by the wind and paralyzed legs

Chicken was hit by the wind and paralyzed legs is the state of being unable to stand, not even be able to move overnight. This may cause your cock to not be able to perform martial arts when participating in cockfighting.

The cause of this situation was simply the cocks ofOlder brother in was hit by a poisonous wind, causing his legs to become paralyzed, unable to move immediately. In addition, fighting chickens can also be paralyzed due to Marek’s disease.

Find out the reason why chickens were hit by the wind and paralyzed their legs

The process of treating chickens with wind paralysis

Treatment Chicken was hit by the wind and paralyzed legs It is a process that needs to be done carefully and thoughtfully. Below is the effective treatment and care process for fighting chickens.

Step 1: Separate the paralyzed chicken from the other cocks

First, when detecting a bird that has been hit by wind and paralyzed legs, it is important to separate them from the flock to avoid affecting other fighting birds. This helps prevent the spread of leg paralysis (if the cause is not known) and protects the health of the whole flock.

How to cure chickens paralyzed by wind effectively

Step 2: Isolating and taking care of the fighting chickens

Paralyzed chickens need to be placed in a separate and isolated space for careful observation and care. Creating a warm, clean, comfortable environment will reduce stress and make the treatment process more effective.

Step 3: Supplement them with adequate nutrition

Ensuring that the paralyzed chickens are provided with a complete diet and good nutrition will help the recovery process faster. The addition of vitamins and minerals to chickens helps promote health and support the recovery process.

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Step 4: Foot and foot massage

Regular gentle massage of the legs and feet of paralyzed chickens can stimulate blood circulation to minimize the burning sensation. From there, it directly helps reduce swelling and pain, and makes it easier for the chicken to move during the recovery process.

Step 5: Use medicine to treat chickens with leg paralysis

If necessary, consult a veterinarian or professional regarding the use of medication or support for treatment. Chicken was hit by the wind and paralyzed legs. However, it is necessary to follow the instructions for use to ensure safety and effectiveness in the process of regaining sensation for the fighting cock.

Folk remedies to treat chickens hit by wind and paralyzed legs

Chickens caught in the wind and paralyzed legs can have a significant impact on their health. To minimize the harm, you can use these folk remedies:

Some specific folk remedies for chicken leg paralysis

  • Using specific kerosene: One of the folk remedies to treat chickens hit by wind is to use kerosene to massage all over the body, legs and neck of the chicken. Although it may sound strange, this experience has been tried by many people and shows positive results. After 1 night, the chicken can walk and the legs are no longer crooked as before.
  • Using cinnamon wine: In addition to kerosene, cinnamon wine is also an option to cure Chicken was hit by the wind and paralyzed legs. Cinnamon wine has hot properties, very good for massaging and relaxing muscles, reducing pain, dissolving bruises. The cocker can use cinnamon wine to rub all over the chicken when it is hit by the wind. After about 1 hour, the chicken can recover.
  • Combine wind oil and lemon: Massage the chicken with wind oil and then give it 4-5 drops of lemon juice. This method has also been shown to be effective in helping chickens recover from wind damage.

Preventing chickens from being hit by wind and paralyzing their legs effectively

To protect the health of chickens and prevent wind damage,Older brother in The following measures can be taken:

  • Create a Good Habitat: Make sure your chickens live in a warm, clean and comfortable environment, away from cold, wet or polluted conditions.
  • Provide adequate nutrition: Chickens receive a balanced diet, including foods rich in vitamins, minerals and protein that will help strengthen the immune system.
  • Clean cages regularly: Perform regular cleaning and disinfection of cages to prevent the spread of diseases and parasites.
  • Periodic health check: Monitor the health status of chickens periodically. Vaccinate with the right vaccines to keep chickens healthy and less likely to get sick.

Here are all the details about the issue Chicken was hit by the wind and paralyzed legs and how to fix it. Hopefully with what we share in the article, it will help the successor to have the experience to handle the situation in a timely manner.

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