How Terrifying is Law School?

There is no doubt that law school can be scary, especially now that the economy is crappy. You’re not sure if you can land a good job or you’ll be haunted by your student loans. You’re also unsure if you can handle the stress of studying under a professor who’s an Angry Asshole. This article will help you figure out how terrifying law school really is, and offer tips to cope with the dread.

While it’s true that law school is challenging, you’ll also see success, including getting elected to leadership positions, answering cold calls well, and getting on a law review or journal. In fact, if you can overcome these difficulties, law school will be a breeze. But be prepared to be in for a wild ride. This is just the beginning. The experience will only get scarier from there. So prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the ride.

Before you head off to law school, prepare yourself for the inevitable rejections and craziness. Having a thicker skin than you have now is a great start. If you’re feeling shaky or scared, don’t be afraid to reach out to your law school advisors and student services for help. Self-doubt is a common phenomenon in law school, and it can be a huge obstacle to overcome. Thankfully, you’re not alone in this process. Don’t let fear hold you back from doing your best and succeeding in law school.

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