How To Dye A Synthetic Wig A Lighter Color?

Have you ever wanted to dye a synthetic wig but thought it was too difficult? Well, the good news is that it’s actually not as hard as you might think. In this article, we’ll give you tips and tricks on how to go about dyeing your synthetic wig a lighter color with ease. Keep reading for more information!

Make sure your hair is clean

Making sure your hair is clean before you dye is an essential step in the coloring process. Washing your wig with a mild shampoo and conditioning it will help to remove any dirt, styling products, or oils that can get in the way of vibrant color. 

Once it’s clean and dry, lightly spritz your hair with a leave-in spray conditioner to add back some of the moisture lost during washing. Doing this simple step helps to make sure that the synthetic hair is conditioned enough to accept and hold dye more evenly, giving you beautiful, even color results.

Preparation of lighting solution

Preparing a lighting solution to dye a synthetic wig a lighter color doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right preparation, you can drastically improve your results and get stunning lifelike colors. Firstly, having all of the necessary tools and supplies will ensure that you can complete your project quickly and successfully. 

Make sure you have things like bleach, peroxide, gloves, gloves and containers on hand before starting. Secondly, be prepared to test out the solution on a few strands of your wig to check for the desired color before applying it over the entire wig. 

This step is especially important for dark-colored wigs since picking the wrong shade could prove disastrous. Finally, putting aside enough time for the whole process is essential; dyeing a synthetic wig correctly requires patience and attention. 

Using a lightening solution, apply to hair

Lightening solutions are a great option when it comes to changing up your look, especially with synthetic wigs. Whether you’re looking for subtle highlights or an all-over blonde finish, applying lightening solutions can transform a synthetic wig in minutes. First and foremost, always read the instructions carefully before you get started. Be sure to wear the appropriate protective gear such as gloves, glasses, and an old t-shirt, to keep yourself safe during the process. 

Follow the instructions step by step and soon enough you’ll be wearing your new lightened wig with pride. Don’t forget; if need be, you can always go lighter but it’s harder if not impossible to make a 613 wig darker once it has been dyed.

Wash, dry, and style the wig

Make sure to wash and dry your wig before dyeing it – this will help ensure that the color penetrates more evenly. Then, mask any skin around your face where dye may get onto to protect it. Next, take note of how long the color needs to process and be sure that you are using the correct type of dye for a synthetic material. 

Finally, once you’ve processed the color, apply styling products to keep the wig’s shape and dry with a cool setting on the hair dryer for best results. With these easy steps in mind, anyone can customize their short pixie lace front wigs to create an exciting new look.

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