How to Save Money on Getting Escape From Tarkov

Saving money for Escape From Tarkov can be tough, but we’ve got some great tips to help you keep your bank account full and keep up with the PMC raids. These strategies range from making use of the weapon modification system to farming Bitcoin. We’ve also got a guide to a profitable Scav run that will help you earn more money for the game.

Weapon modification system

Weapon modification is a major part of Escape from Tarkov’s gameplay, and a properly modified weapon will give you a distinct advantage over your opponents. While some “meta” mods can be more expensive than the gun and ammunition themselves, you can often find cheaper modifications that work just as well.

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Armor classes

If you’re looking to save money on getting Escape from Tarkov, there are several ways to do so. First, you’ll need armor. There are a variety of types of armor to choose from, and you can buy them in the Flea Market. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, having armor can actually save you a few lives. Using proper armor will decrease your risk of dying in raids.

Scav runs

If you’re looking for the best ways to save money in Escape From Tarkov, scav runs may be for you. They are low-risk, but they can yield insane amounts of loot. You can even get multiple loot caches in a small area.

Bitcoin farm

If you want to save money on getting Escape from Tarkov, you can start by farming Bitcoin in game. Bitcoins are small golden coins that you can earn by buying loot, gear, and ammo. These coins can also be sold for more money than what you can buy in game.

Finding loot

Finding loot is a great way to save money in Escape From Tarkov. It is an efficient way to earn money and experience points in the game. Some of the things you can make use of include fuel containers, Magazine Cases, Grenade Cases, and more.

Keeping your bank account full

One of the hardest parts of getting Escape From Tarkov is keeping your bank account filled. During the early game, you may have to do PMC raids to earn enough money. You can also sell your gas canisters for pocket money. But before you do that, you should keep in mind that you don’t have to sell every item you find in the game.

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