Let’s Get It On

The first line of “Let’s get it on” is an obvious sarcasm, but it has some nuances. Gaye calls war a “groovy party.” The song’s sarcasm is meant to tone down the aggressive approach of the song. It also points to a futile war, the Vietnam War.

“Let’s get it on” is one of the most famous songs by American soul singer Marvin Gaye. The song was recorded at Hitsville West in the early 1970s. It features funky instrumentals from the Funk Brothers and sexy lyrics. The song was one of the most successful singles from his Lets Get It On album and was produced by Gaye and Ed Townsend. In its original version, the song was a religious tribute to the late King of Soul, although it was later rewritten by Motown songwriter Kenneth Stover as a political statement. The song was released as a two-disc deluxe edition in 2001.

During his career, Gaye made a lasting mark on the music industry. His acclaimed songs are still popular today. Throughout his life, Gaye changed the country’s dialogue, turning a difficult social issue into a universal emotional attraction. Gaye’s song was co-written by Ed Townsend and released on April 1, 1985, and it reached the top spot in the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand charts.

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