Surgery for each age group

People who are interested in surgery are growing in different ages. Patients who come to cosmetic surgery clinics include students who wish to perform surgery during the semester break. Students who have just graduated and are preparing to interview for a job as a housewife who wants to treat wrinkles, etc. It can be said that the surgery does not discriminate between sexes and ages.

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However, the organs undergoing surgery also differ in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

20 years old

Twenty-year-olds usually do facial surgery mainly.

Especially in the early twenties (20-25 years old), they often do double eyelid and nose surgery. During this age, they are usually college students or new graduates who have just started working. Therefore, I want to strengthen my confidence to look good for the first step in my work life. for job interviews or job search The eyes and nose occupy most of the face. Therefore, it is an eye-catching point. Minor changes to the eyes and nose can dramatically change the entire look. especially the nose which is in the center of the face This is the part that determines the first impression. Therefore, people of this age are very interested in rhinoplasty and double eyelid surgery.

In fact People in their twenties come to beauty clinics because they want to change their faces to look better by correcting the shape of their eyes that look very slender. or unequal eyes and fix the inferior nose The sharp eyes obtained from double eyelid surgery help to look bright and optimistic. Unequal eye correction surgery also helps to look much better.

For men, they tend to do double eyelids in small places instead of doing double eyelids.

wide and clear

In their late twenties (25-29 years), they are still very interested in eye and nose surgery. and is most interested in facial bone surgery. Besides the eyes, nose, and mouth, the face shape is one of the standards of beauty. V-line small faces are becoming popular no matter how beautiful their eyes, nose and mouth are. If the face image is not compatible Beauty is halved with facial contouring surgery such as V-line square jaw surgery, 3D cheekbone rotation and short chin correction. so popular

30 years old

Most women in their thirties are interested in plastic surgery to get a good figure.

One of the stresses of a married housewife is saggy breasts. Especially after childbirth and breastfeeding The flexibility of the chest is reduced. So a woman in her thirties Therefore, surgery is often performed to correct sagging breasts. Nipples that sag lower from the middle of the breast can be corrected with breast lift surgery for flexibility. There are several methods of sagging breast surgery, including breast reduction. Breast augmentation is suitable for sagging breasts due to breastfeeding. Most of the time, the skin on the breast loses its elasticity. The mammary gland tissue shrinks and the breast becomes sagging. If the original breast is small The enlarged skin will be able to fit the prosthesis into it. Breasts will become larger and more flexible.

Breast augmentation surgery with hemp incision is suitable for patients who do not want to change the shape of the breast. or do not want to change the size. The doctor will cut the wound on the birthmark. Lift and tighten the breast and sew the wound. Breast reduction surgery is performed using vertical incisions. It is a breast lift and reduction in size at once. Breast reduction surgery is the most common method. Sagging breasts are visibly lifted. It can also reduce the size of the breast by 500 – 1000 grams.

In the late thirties, there is often excess fat that is called “Meat of aging” when there is meat of aging. Getting rid of the accumulated fat in the abdomen and buttocks is not an easy task, and surgeries such as liposuction or abdominal surgery are very popular.

40 years old

Forty years of age and older are often interested in facial rejuvenation surgery and anti-aging.

When it comes to middle age, they always want to look younger than their age. Therefore, he invested in anti-aging cosmetics and had surgery. One of the most popular surgeries to make the face look younger is Botox injections. Botox injections reduce wrinkles and make the skin more elastic in a hassle-free way. Effective for both cheek wrinkles, wrinkles around the eyes, wrinkles between the eyebrows and expression wrinkles on the face Filler injections are also very popular. Fillers can be injected into bags under the eyes, bridge of the nose, wrinkles, cheekbones, chin, forehead, lips, etc. to make the face look three-dimensional.

The effects of Botox injections and fillers are temporary. must be injected periodically because of this disadvantage Semi-permanent skin-lifting surgery is gaining attention. A skin lift can lift sagging cheeks and wrinkles without much pain. Therefore, it is very popular among middle-aged women who want to look younger. In addition to helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles It also helps to adjust skin tone and increase skin elasticity as well.

The skin around the eyes that wrinkle due to loss of elasticity or dark circles under the eyes It can be corrected to look younger and better with lateral canthopexy or face lift that can correct wrinkles up to half of the face with only a small incision. Small and then pull the wrinkles under the lower eyelid that stretched up through this hole, the eye shape will remain the same. but the wrinkles are gone Face looks brighter and sweeter. Facelift is used to correct wrinkles. sagging cheeks and withered skin on the neck with only a small incision It has the advantage that the treatment effect lasts for a long time.

Mother wants to be beautiful like her daughter. mother-daughter surgery

Today, parents are also given gifts on anniversaries as gift certificates for surgery or facial wrinkles reduction. To reduce the wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, etc. that are growing on the mother’s face. Make the skin smooth, tighter and look younger.

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