Tips for coyote hunting.

It often happens that there is a desire to do something extreme or wild, often when the work is rather monotonous or you just want exciting experiences. It is at this time that various extreme hobbies come to the rescue. Someone jumps with a parachute or organizes races, but special connoisseurs go hunting. Hunting allows you to feel a bit of danger and often, it is this hobby that stays with you for life. Depending on the season and wishes, hunting for hares, birds or other wild animals is arranged. But when it comes to coyote hunting season, real hunters can’t be left out and are ready for action. Winter is a real gift for those who know what real hunting is and feel the taste of extreme.

Coyote hunting.

Coyotes are most common in the West, but increasingly they can be tracked in wooded areas. Perhaps this is the effect of changes in the climate, but it is even more interesting for the hunter to catch this long-awaited prey.

The classic coyote hunt begins in the west, where their population is the largest and the chances of getting a trophy are much higher, so it will be an ideal place for beginners. Open terrain contributes to the chances of successful hunting, but also hinders it. Because the better you can see the prey, the higher the chances that an extra step will expose you. Therefore, when hunting, move low and slow, never hide on hills and stealthily move between installations. To hunt successfully in these conditions, you need a rifle that can shoot quickly and accurately at long distances, because there is no chance to get close.

If you still dare to go hunting in the forest, in order to feel unforgettable impressions and test yourself for strength, you should know at least the basics of behavior when hunting coyotes.

First, you need to find a convenient ambush, from this place you should be very visible and comfortable, since any noise can prevent success, and observation can be quite long. Secondly, depending on the hunting strategy, you should carefully choose devices that can increase the chances of a successful hunt. You must be prepared for any scenario. If it is a forest, then a shotgun is best for you, because it does not need a long-range weapon, and it will help you hit the target. Such a weapon, thanks to a short barrel, will be much easier to hold and aim. But if you are determined to win quickly, then you can use an additional rapid-fire sight, the moment and the trophy is yours.

Thirdly, and probably the most difficult, is to determine their location, track down their lair. It may take a long time, but it is possible. The best way, just before dawn, is to simply listen to their howls to determine direction, as this is when they return home. The second way is to follow their hiding place by tracks in the snow, but you need to be careful not to confuse these tracks with other predators.

Also, of course, you can call them and track them, but the breaks between calls should not be longer than 15-20 minutes, and then you should move to another ambush, be attentive and focused, because any extra movement or sound can make you a target for predators

To increase the chances of success, you should use all possible baits, they will help divert attention from you and approach the prey unnoticed. Modern baits are very similar to real small animals or birds, so their help is simply necessary for a successful hunt.

Where can you hunt coyotes at night?

It should not be forgotten that coyotes are nocturnal animals, their hearing, vision and sense of smell work perfectly both during the day and under the cover of night, which significantly increases the risks when hunting, but attracts experienced hunters.

However, it is worth researching the laws of the state where you are going to hunt. After all, hunting coyotes at night with the use of additional light is not legal everywhere. Therefore, make sure of the legality of your actions before chasing these predators in the dark.

Just because you’ve had some success hunting during the day doesn’t mean that the prey will be easier at night. However, there are several strategies that will help you not only attract coyotes with different types of baits, but also increase your chances of getting prey.

To begin with, you should quickly scan the area where a predator might be, and a highly effective hunting light will help you with this. But don’t try to capture an image of a coyote, as there are risks of being spotted. The scan should be in several stages, while being very fast in order to have time to notice only the glare of the eyes, this will be your goal. If you have already spotted the prey, it is worth using the end of the light beam to track the changes in the animal’s body and correctly identify it. If you are sure that this is the predator you need, do not rush to act immediately. It is worth determining the distance to the target, because it is quite difficult to do this in the dark, and hitting the target is your main task. Therefore, if possible, it is worth studying the hunting area during daylight, and already at night go out for unhurried work. For the same reason, it is worth trying to keep the minimum distance for the shot, this will increase your chances of hitting.

An additional strategy for hunting coyotes at night is to hunt with a partner. This will double your chances of success and allow everyone to focus on one task at a time. One of the partners is engaged in calling and illuminating the area of ​​possible presence of the prey, the other follows and hits the target precisely. Of course, in order for everyone to feel the smell of success, you can change roles. But help in such a delicate matter will definitely not hurt you.

But before starting the hunt, we recommend choosing a suitable light for hunting, because depending on the color of the light, there are advantages and disadvantages. White light will help you calculate the distance to the object more clearly and provide you with invisibility while hunting. The red light will help to see the glare of the eyes better, while not having a significant negative effect on your own animal. It is the most classic artificial light when hunting coyotes. When using green light, you can feel the contrast better and see dark details more clearly, but your eyes will tire quickly while working.

So, if you like the extreme and you are a real hunter, coyote hunting will be an interesting hobby that will fill your life with new experiences. You just have to follow certain rules. Make sure that the hunt is legal, study the area, pick up weapons and baits, conduct surveillance and track down the target. At the same time, you should be very careful and not underestimate these predators. Your movements should be smooth, the movement silent, and the strategy worked out. Only with a comprehensive approach, the result will be satisfactory, and the feeling of victory will overwhelm you.

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