What is poker in football?  Poker Goes To Legend

What is poker in football?  Even if you are an avid fan of the sport of kings, it is not certain that you have understood this concept. To know the top-class players who create legendary poker shots, let’s find out with Nhà cái 789BET the updated information in today’s content.

 What is poker in football? 

Poker and hattrick are two similar concepts to measure the number of goals scored by a player in a match. Hattrick is a not too strange term for a player who owns 3 goals. So What is poker in football? 

To be called poker, a player must score 4 goals in the opponent’s net in a teamfight. Owning up to 4 goals is very difficult, so fans will rarely hear the concept of poker. In addition, if the opponent nets with 5 goals, that player owns the classic repoker.

 What is poker in football? 

To score poker, what qualities do players need?

 What is poker in football?  And what technique is needed to own a superior poker shot? Not every player can afford to set up a classic poker shot in his turf career. To have 4 top goals in 1 match, players must have the following skills:

  • Possessing a very good finishing ability: This helps players to score unexpected goals in many different situations. Most of the players who own poker are excellent strikers with excellent goalscoring abilities.
  • Running flexible places on the field: To become a golden shooting ground, a striker must know how to run and create space for himself. In addition, the skill of reading the situation to choose the right place to drop the ball is very important.
  • There are techniques to use the ball skillfully:  What is poker in football? And what role does technique play in scoring? Each team has a different playing strategy with excellent defenders and goalkeepers. Therefore, it must have excellent technique, the new striker can easily penetrate the forbidden area and launch a powerful shot towards the opponent’s goal.

What qualities does a player need to make a great poker shot?

The super classic poker shots of world football

In international tournaments, it is extremely difficult to score a 4-goal poker. So in the history of the football village, which excellent striker has owned impressive poker moves? Let’s take a look at some of the prominent names below with 789Bet:

Argentine striker – Lionel Messi

 What is poker in football? And how did Messi get himself a nice poker shot? Messi is a famous football player in the world who has received many noble titles. During his playing career, the Argentine star has many times set up a poker that has caused a stir in the football village (8 times).

Messi’s most impressive poker shot was in the UEFA quarter-finals of the 2009-10 season. At that time, the striker was playing in the shirt of Barcelona and facing Arsenal. It is impossible to set up poker in front of a strong club like Arsenal, but the Barca striker has done it.


 What is poker in football? How does Cristiano Ronaldo score poker?

The Portuguese striker is a prominent name in the world football village. CR7 has 11 times to set up poker, making fans admire. However, the poker shots Ronaldo owns mostly come from small team opponents. The four-time win against the Lithuanian club in the Euro 2020 qualifying framework is a memorable milestone for the Portuguese star.

French football prodigy – Mbappe

In just 13 minutes (from the 61st to 74th minute), the French star made a surprising 4. Striker Mbappe is the fastest poker player in history. This achievement was made in the fight between the rich guy PSG and Lyon. In addition, he is also the youngest player to have poker in the Ligue 1 arena.

Mbappe the player who owns poker in the shortest time

Beautiful poker shot from Marco Van Basten

 What is poker in football?  And what technique did Marco Van Basten show to complete the super treble? In the UEFA Champions League, the Dutch striker was the first to get 4 goals in 1 match. In the 1992-1993 season, in the confrontation with Gothenburg, he set up poker to help AC Milan win 4-0 at home San Siro.

Has Vietnamese football ever had poker?

 What is poker in football? and does Vietnam have a player who has scored 4 goals in 1 match? This question was clarified in the match between Vietnam and Brunei. With a shining attack, U22 Vietnam easily overcame the opponent and had a rain of goals 6-0. Ha Duc Chinh’s classy moves helped him set a convincing poker record.

Thus, 789Bet has helped readers understand What is poker in football? ? Seeing a player score 4 goals in 1 match is very rare and leaves many imprints in the hearts of fans. To discover more interesting information about football, please continue to follow the content in the following article.

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