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Why Do Some Refuse Mental Health Treatment?

Why do some refuse mental health treatment? The answer is complex, but there are some basic rules that all healthcare providers must follow. They must tell you as much as possible about the proposed treatment. Moreover, you have the right to refuse treatment if you are of sound mind. Coercion is unethical for a person of sound mind. Therefore, you must respect your own decision. Let us look at some of these rules.

Despite the fact that many people desire mental health treatment, they are often unable to find an appropriate professional. Availability of professional mental health practitioners is limited in some places, and they may not offer complex treatment. Other barriers may be financial hardship, child care, or work schedules. In some cases, the treatment may conflict with other commitments, like college or professional studies. However, there are several ways to overcome these common obstacles.

First, you must understand that some people have no understanding of their own illness. This lack of understanding may result in refusal to seek treatment. Moreover, many patients fail to remember their illnesses during their peaks. Others acknowledge their illness but doubt its severity. One of the most common cases of refusal is when patients fail to understand that their symptoms are not due to a physical illness. Misty Mayo, for example, does remember her illness but has trouble remembering the details. Eventually, she ends up in jail.

Another common reason why some people refuse to seek mental health treatment is the lack of knowledge that they suffer from psychoactive disorders. As a result, they may refuse to go to a psychiatric hospital. It is inhumane to force them to seek treatment. For example, Misty Mayo had no idea she was suffering from schizophrenia, so she boarded a Greyhound bus and headed to California. She desperately wanted to escape her small town. She hoped to enjoy the city’s fireworks.

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