Why is the Hip Hop Rap Lifestyle Seen As Cool?

Why is the hip hop rap lifestyle considered cool? The hip hop movement began at the margins of society, and has evolved into a cultural phenomenon. Despite its racial and economic origins, many people regard the hip hop lifestyle as cool. While this appeals to a wide range of people, it has been misunderstood by socially conservative and politically moralistic groups. Neoliberal groups, in particular, hold that hip hop is anti-pluralistic.

While the culture of hip hop is overwhelmingly male, women are often left out. The culture is highly politicized, with a focus on proving manhood. Rap artists have a fascination with pimps and strip clubs. Although these rappers are not necessarily preaching to the choir, they do have a clear social message and are not afraid to say what they think. But there are risks to this.

The lifestyle has become ensconced in the media, and hip hop fashion is a defining marker of coolness. In fact, hip hop fashion has even become a dissonance characterization of its own kind. Even British royals have embraced hip hop fashions, often adopting homeboy gestures while wearing baseball caps. But it is unlikely that they ever met actual B-boys; their cool gestures are likely influenced by music videos.

The culture of hip hop has evolved in the last several decades. Today, it is one of the most popular music genres on the internet. It even surpassed rock as the most popular genre in the US. Hip hop has changed the way people think about urban life. Its rappers have criticized police violence and the American Prison Industrial Complex. The culture is no longer about marginalised groups, however. In fact, rapper Lawrence ‘Kris’ Parker – known as KRS-One – has made the movement Stop the Violence movement a worldwide phenomenon. While KRS-One has been criticised for saying that African Americans cheered 9-11.

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