Why Should You Regularly Bring Your Car to the Mechanic

Did you know that each year, Aussie drivers spend more than AU$ 31 billion on maintenance and repairs for their vehicles? This is based on a study by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

There’s no doubt that’s a lot of money every year, but it has its upsides for auto owners who give their rides the TLC they need. Vehicles, particularly cars and trucks, struggle to make it through the Australian climate and road conditions. If you put on a lot of miles each year, eventually things will break down.

Manufacturers are fully aware of this, which is why routine maintenance made by professional mechanical services like Auto Panel Service is necessary to change fluids like oil and oil filters and inspect parts like the brakes. You are increasing the vehicle’s lifespan by doing necessary maintenance. This is due to the fact that the car’s performance has been optimized by the introduction of new parts and the use of clean fluids. Explore more of the benefits of having your car checked as you read through this article.

Servicing helps with safety

When you bring your car into the Auto Panel Service service center, they don’t simply replace filters and oil. One of their mechanics inspects the car and makes a video report on its condition. While it’s obviously crucial to change the fluids, you should also check to make sure nothing else is broken.

Brakes,Tires, Suspension, Lights & Exhaust

The performance of the automobile and, more importantly, your own and other drivers’ safety might be negatively affected by any broken or worn parts. Service appointments at Auto Panel Service are an excellent time to bring up any problems with your car and get them fixed.

It keeps your vehicle’s warranty intact.

If you acquired a new or used automobile that still has manufacturer warranty left, then getting your car serviced at the regular intervals will guarantee it stays intact.

Important advice is that you are not obligated to get your automobile serviced by the manufacturer or dealer from where you purchased the vehicle. It doesn’t matter as long as the service is performed by a certified shop utilizing factory recommended maintenance intervals and components.

With Auto Panel Service, you can be certain that you won’t spend more than necessary when you bring your vehicle in for maintenance at one of our dealerships.

Maximizes the car’s potential earnings

If you’re going to purchase an automobile, you should naturally prioritize finding one that has been well-cared-for throughout its existence.

That’s why mechanics keep track of maintenance records. It gives you, or any potential buyer, insight into the care that has been given to the property by its former owners. In the military, there are three distinct forms of service records:

●      Comprehensive prior experience

●      Limited military record

●      Inexistent maintenance record

A vehicle with no records of maintenance or repairs is less attractive than one with a complete service record. This means less money for you at selling time.

Analogy of a Valuation

Auto Panel Service uses a lot of search engine tools to compare the prices of two similar family cars with different service histories to demonstrate the importance of documenting and explaining any and all repairs made to the vehicle. Valuation for a vehicle with a complete history was roughly seven percent more than for one without. There are other factors to consider when determining a vehicle’s value, but maintaining a service record will almost certainly increase its value.

Spending time and effort now will provide long-term financial benefits.

You may save both time and money by servicing your automobile or van in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Regular maintenance improves your vehicle’s performance and efficiency, reducing fuel costs. As a result of the ripple effect, additional automotive parts may wear out or break sooner than expected if one element is failing. If you ignore a worn or broken component, it might lead to a breakdown and the need for expensive roadside assistance.

The condition of your car’s tires is something you can track.

Auto Panel Service have already touched on the necessity of checking your car’s tyres whenever it’s in for service, but they still wanted to stress that point again. Tire inspections are part of every service our mechanics do. After each servicing, it is your responsibility to inspect the tires for damage. However, it is always suggested to have a regular check by a competent technician as part of a service.

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